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Granite Counter tops,Granite Vanity tops,Marble Vanity tops are our core products.We choose you Highest Materials and Finest finishing craft for your kitchen tops and bathroom vanity tops at a very good price.All the Granite Marble colors from China, Brazil, India, United States,Turkey, Norway etc you can fine from our stock for your kitchen tops and vanity tops.Our regular Kitchen Vanity Tops for your urgent needs can available as following:

A. 36'/48' x 22'x 2cm Finishing: straight polish or ogee edge

B. 36'/48' x 22' x 3cm Finishing: straight polish or bullnose edges

C. 48” (36")x 4” ( 6”) x 2cm backsplash. Finishing: One surface Polished. 1 long + 2 short edges flat-cut and polishing, 1mm beveled. Please know that we can produce counter tops, vanity tops base on your kitchen and bathroom models. So never hesitate to let us know your wonderful idea.


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