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Pier Caps / Wall Caps /Chimney Caps

1)Material: G682, G617 ,G603 ,G654 Etc.
2)Color: Grey ,Yellow , Pink , Red Etc.
3)Size: Pier Cap-550x550x500mm Etc. Wall Cap-1000x450x150mm Etc. Chimney Caps-1150x750x220mm Etc.
4)Finishing: Bush-hammered
5)Packing: Polythene wrapper and wooden crates

Pier can be made in one whole pc for the sake of your easy construction work, as well as several pcs for the sake of your budget cost. Bush-hammered, Polished and Rock Face are mostly popular finishing.

There is a variety design of Pier Caps / Wall Caps / Chimney Caps, We can produce all of them as long as the client offer fully detailed drawings.


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